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way down South

in Antarctica , Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Having left everything to one side for a while, I’m now feeling ready to tackle the major task of editing down the thousands of photos I brought back from Antarctica earlier this year. I’m being quite ruthless with my editing: nobody wants to see hundreds of similar photos, however good they may be. And I want to present a personal view, not a set of trophy shots. Some distance helps with this.

But as I go through the vastness of it all, consigning reams of icebergs, penguins, seals etc to the great bit bucket in the sky, I’m noticing little sets of images that belong together, which maybe tell a little story, and so I’m going to publish some of these here.

Here’s the first. Icebergs at 66 degrees South.

Drm 20130118 3626
Drm 20130118 3638

Drm 20130118 3639

Drm 20130118 3640
Drm 20130118 3652

For the technically interested, these were all Olympus E-5 shots, with the ZD 50-200mm lens.

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