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Infrared with the E-1 (again)

in Olympus E-System , Saturday, August 06, 2005

A few weeks back I was photographing the basalt cliffs at Arnastapi in Iceland. I wanted to try to get a long exposure, to get that silky, ethereal look to the sea, but at ISO 100, fully stopped down, with a ND 4 and polariser filter, I still was not getting long enough exposures.

It then occurred to me that there was another approach. Since the E-1 is very insensitive to infrared, it needs very long exposure times to record anything at all. So I put a blocking IR filter on, set the exposure to the maximum (1 minute), aperture at f8, and waited. The results were quite good.


basalt cliffs at Arnastapi, West Iceland

A longer exposure would have been possible, stopped down further, but this needs the BULB setting and didn't have a cable release (used to have one...broke it). With the noise reduction turned on (vital in such cases), each exposure in any case takes two minutes, and in strong winds this gets pretty tricky...and if somebody is waiting for you, well two minutes is quite enough!

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