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Ink costs

in General Rants , Monday, July 21, 2003
The Register today notes that a Dutch consumer group has been forced to reverse it's public position on boycotting Epson printers () due to to so-called deceptive chipped ink cartridges. Elsewhere, The Register has an article which claims that inkjet ink is 7 times more expensive than Dom Perignon. Well so what ? You can't make very good prints with Dom Perignon. I could also compare with the cost of Coca Cola - the point is that it is completely irrelevant. I have to say I've seen little to zero complaint from serious photographers about the running costs of Epson photo quality printers. Sure they're expensive - but they are much more practical and cheaper than any previous method of printing archival-quality colour photographs. So it's really not so clear why all these bystanders are making such a fuss...
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Vinc August 06, 2003 - 5:26
Hi David,

well that proves again that the Dutch are famous for complaining about high prices while forgetting that quality matters aswell. ;-)

Cheers from Arizona (GR1v in my bagage but it seems that I only cover Business issues these days)

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