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just a bunch of snapshots

in Photography , Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer… heat… drift… just see what’s around the next bend. Just a little more, then head back to reality.

Drm dp2m 20130704 0999 ID

Drm dp2m 20130705 1038 ID

Drm dp2m 20130705 1044 ID

Drm dp2m 20130708 1051 ID
Drm dp2m 20130708 1057 ID
Drm dp2m 20130704 1014 ID

Val Morobbia, Ticino. Just some snapshots from lazy lunchtimes. All taken with my Sigma DP2M, which was all boxed up and ready to sell on eBay, but then I though, what the hell.



Nice… It's good for once to see water without the overdone "long exposure" effect (although it can be nice of course).
As for the DP2M… what would bring you to let it go (not interested, just for info)?

By Bernard, on July 09, 2013

Hi Bernard ... well, basically I only had an ND4 filter with me! Otherwise it would've been the usual 30 sec exposure.

As for the DP2M, well, despite having extracted what is so far my favourite photo of the year from it, I just wasn't getting on with it, at all. And I sort of wanted both a Ricoh GR and an Olympus E-P5, so I though I'd sell it... but at the last moment, I relented and decided that I should stick with it. On balance I think it was the right choice. Its size is misleading really - in fact you have to treat it like a medium format camera, not a compact.

So I'm afraid Ricoh & Olympus won't be getting any sales from me. Not yet anyway. Not that either of those cameras are available in Switzerland anyway!

By David Mantripp, on July 10, 2013

Thanks! As for me I have been rather happy with the Ricoh GXR and Voigtlander/Zeiss M-mount lenses, which has practically relegated my D700 to an early retirement. Of course the GXR is antiquated as well, and will most likely remain a dead end. Oh well.

By Bernard, on July 10, 2013

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