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Bad guys

the seal of doom

in Antarctica , Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Leopard Seal, better known as Hydrurga leptonyx, is infamous for its voracious appetite for those-poor-penguins. With a satisfyingly evil-looking appearance, it’s a strong candidate for the cartoon villain role of the Antarctic seas, rivalled only by the Orca. But Orcas are whales, and therefore cute, and therefore get a free pass. I’ve never actually seen an Orca, which is actually quite remarkable, but I’ve seen plenty of Hydrurgra leptonyxes leptonii leptonyxii leopard seals. And here, in another set of Antarctic rough cuts, are some of them.

Drm 2013 01 21 drm 20130121 5219
Drm 2013 01 21 drm 20130121 5252
Drm 20130122 5913
Drm 20130122 5864
Drm 20130122 5895
Drm 20130122 5869
Drm 20130122 5926
Drm 20130123 6366


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