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Dead End for Mac G5 ?

Forced obsolescence ?

in General Rants , Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have to say I’m not very comfortable with the way Apple ties RAW support to OS X versions.  I’m one of a group of users (relatively small, but not insignificant) who could not use 10.5.6 because it breaks DDC monitor hardware calibration on PowerPC systems (G5s are still pretty good at running Aperture). This affects monitors from NEC, LaCie, Eizo and Quatto and probably others - i.e. all the high end brands used by pro photographers.  Early reports are that 10.5.7 has NOT fixed this, and it is extremely unlikely that it will ever be fixed now.  Note, it does seem that this far from being 100% Apple’s fault, but nevertheless it WAS working up to 10.5.5, and it does work on Intel hardware, so it can’t be rocket science to get it right. It just isn’t a priority in pointy-haired product manager land.

So in this case, we’re stuck with a choice: new camera support, or monitor hardware calibration: pick one.

This could be the issue which drives me away from Aperture - crazy, really.  And really, you have to start wondering if the photography market segment really is considered any sort of priority at Apple these days.  All the signs point to the company being mainly concerned about supporting the consumer level (iPhoto, glossy screens) and considering that anything higher level is commercially insignificant.



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