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La Boca

battery blues

in Photography , Monday, November 18, 2013

One problem with digital cameras is that it is all too easy to build up huge volumes of photos that become so overwhelming that you never even look at them*. This is certainly the case from the photographic results of my jaunt at the beginning of this year to Argentina and Antarctica. Although I have more or less completed a reasonable edit of my Antarctica photos, the Argentina ones have been largely untouched.

In particular, a set I had at the back of my mind was one from the first few days of the trip, in the touristy La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. I particular wanted to get around to doing something with these, as they are the first proper set of photos I took with the Sigma DP2 Merrill. Unfortunately, on our way to La Boca, I was relieved of the weight of carrying my shoulder bag around with me. Some lucky Argentinian found him/herself the proud owner of 3 Sigma DP2 batteries and a lens cap, as well as a pair of reading glasses and a rather nice bag. Certainly, the worst loss in practical terms was that of the batteries, which reduced me to something like 40 shots at a time on the one remaining. Obviously buying a battery for a Sigma DP2M was not going to happen in Buenos Aires, try as I might. Or indeed anywhere else in Argentina.  So, it was a bit like having 1 roll of film. Just like the old days.  And just like in the old days, I printed them.


* Actually it was even worse before digital. The task of “sorting out slides” was enough to put anybody off photography for life.


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Project Hyakumeizan November 21, 2013 - 8:49
Shame about the batteries - but the colours are almost, dare one say it, f***-like. That is, if one could buy slide f*** any more....


David Mantripp November 25, 2013 - 4:52
Yes, the look is more slide film-like than most digital cameras. They've even gone to the extent of making it pretty much unusable over ISO 400! Talk about dedication...

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