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Late Summer II

on an island

in Photography , Monday, September 21, 2015

The second instalment.  If you’ve been following this blog at all, you might realise that I’ve got bit of a thing about islands. I’m sure a psychotherapist would have plenty to say about that. I particular like the smaller Italian islands, these little droplets of slightly out of time Italian culture, where everything goes slowly, where life revolves around the port, the coming and going of the aliscafi and the traghetti, Tirrenia, Ustica Lines and the others. The sun, the buzz and whine of the precarious ape, the clutter and confusion that soon gives way to tranquility, the classic Italian vacations, the vivid green sea in rocky bays.

So the lure of another small, new to me archipelago, the Tremiti Islands, lying a hour or so out in the Adriatic, was too much to resist. And the jewel, to me, of our all to brief visit, was the island of San Nicola, dominated by its massive, semi-derelict castle and XIth century Benedictine monastery. Just time to grab a quick impression, but one that remains, to be added to the memories of Marettimo, Stromboli, San Pietro and all the others.

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Bernard September 22, 2015 - 11:10
In the photos of this post and of the previous one, you have obtained a very beautiful light… Luminous without being harsh in Late Summer II, darker in Late Summer I with sometimes different types of intervening light (late sun and shade, artificial light anddaylight). I like them all, with perhaps a particular fondness for the first and especially the last 2 pics of Late Summer I. I always liked mixed light ambiences…

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