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Late Summer IV - The Film Edition

Hipster factor 11

in Film , Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I’m not feeling much like verbose, deep & meaningful posts at the moment. After all, it’s only photography. Nothing important, right ? Except, of course, when it’s on artfully 2-stop over-exposed Portra 400 film (gasp), giving it that automatic je-ne-sais-quoi. Then, the subject, the composition, all the rest of it, nothing matters at all, ‘cos it’s got that great ethereal washed out, damn the highlights hipster look.

So, here you. Four examples of absolute medium format filmic gorgeousness, freezing unique moments in time Down South in Puglia.



Sorry. I’m in a funny mood today.



Very nice, indeed, classic medium format work. But I am ancient, so I like the film look. It is a pity that so many "photographers" today refuse to try film as a way to achieve a different feeling or emotion to their work.

By Kodachromeguy, on December 21, 2015

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