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New Favourite Film

green is the colour

in Film , Friday, July 20, 2018

I think I have a new favourite film. I was tipped off about by Alex Burke, in his excellent eBook, Film in a Digital Age. It’s called Fuji Pro 160NS.

I was only very, very vaguely aware of this film. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever used Fuji negative film before, ever. I’m strictly Kodak. I’ve just gone back to check what Alex Burke writes about Pro 160: “as with Portra, it has an incredible dynamic range but I felt it to be a tad more contrasty and colorful”, and “this film is all about the greens. Many people say that the Kodak negative films are more for red hues and the Fuji 160NS is about greens”. From my experience so far I completely agree with both statements. Kodak Ektar certainly likes reds - in fact it makes everything red. And indeed, my first impression was of a less washed out Portra, but without the shrill vibrance of Ektar.

Pro160 vlt

My first roll of Fuji Pro 160NS, freshly scanned

The results look fantastic to me, straight out of the scanner. The two examples below were scanned in Silverfast using the Fuji Pro 160S 6x6 Negafix profile, otherwise totally un-retouched.

B667 2018 03 01
B667 2018 03 10 2

All shot on Voigtländer Bessa III 667.



Nice to see your most recent posts.
Thanks for sharing with the larger braintrust of film shooters. A bit of knowledge, a bit of inspiration….what’s not to like?
I am with you on the Fuji 160; phenomenal film. I kind of feel that way about most film; it makes just everything look just so. There can be a tendency to hang up on cameras/lenses but give me ANY vintage SLR and a humble roll of any film and the potential for something special is there.
Not to say, there wasn’t a twinge of envy to see what you were shooting with of course…Mmm-mmm-mmm.
Is the ebook really worth getting? Even for an old salt like you? Really? I too often find the format and what is produced lacking substance. Goodness knows, I’ve tried a lot of them! The cost of a magazine from the good old days but so much less enjoyable….please advise.

By Aaron De Lazzer, on July 20, 2018

Thanks for dropping by Aaron. Yes, there is now and then a “wow” factor that I very rarely get from digital.  With film you have to do a bit more wirk up front, whereas with digital you have to somehow bring the photo to life in the computer.  The Bessa 667 is a truly fantastic camera, and actually can be found at a reasonable price, sometimes. The wide version, unfortunately, is rarer and goes for stupid money.
Alex Burke’s ebook is actually very good. Very well written, exhaustive, and truly up to date. For me it would have been worth it just for the tip on Fuji Pro 160 ... but there is plenty more. Of course, it’s all very subjective, it isn’t necessarily for everybody.
And frankly, that “old and wise“ thing? Only the first part is accurate

By David Mantripp, on July 20, 2018

The colours of the two examples above say it all - I will only have to look at them a few more times, and I’ll be heading down to Ars Imago to restock my film supplies…

By Project Hyakumeizan, on July 26, 2018