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live from Ushuaia

in Antarctica , Monday, January 28, 2013

Well, we survived a relatively bumpy ride back across the Drake Passage into Ushuaia. The fact that we survived shows that it was not all that bad. Antarctica was damp. Foggy, low cloud, persistent rain, temperatures well above zero most of the time. The rain was the biggest shock. When I was working as a field scientist 20 years ago, people going south of the South Georgia / South Orkneys “banana belt” were not even issued with wet weather gear. Nowadays you need gore-tex underwear. But otherwise it hasn’t changed much. Not one moment of clear sky in 12 days, and perhaps 2 hours of hazy sun at most, in total. At least we didn’t get sunburnt.  Much more to come, but first, of course, some penguins. Take it away, guys.

Drm 20130119 4265

Drm 2013 01 20 drm 20130120 4898

Drm 20130123 6309
Drm 2013 01 21 drm 20130121 5447

Drm 20130124 6986

Drm 20130124 7048


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