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in Film , Thursday, October 16, 2014

Continuing the report on my trials with Kodak Provia 400 in Sardinia, I’ve now got the heavyweight stuff processed, i.e the rolls that went through the XPan. Interestingly, without really planning it, I have two shots taken a few minutes apart of the same scene, one on the last frame of a roll of E100G that was in the camera, and one on Portra 400. Both were taken handheld, so the framing is a little different. And the light changed slightly, it was a little sunnier for the top image.

Both were scanned on the Opticfilm 120, using Silverfast. For the Portra, I used the 400NC Negafix profile. Both images are straight scans, no further processing. Can you tell which is which? (Try just looking at the colour, there are a few other giveaways for the more astute viewer…)





The bottom photo appears slightly less saturated. Portra?

By Sinisa, on October 19, 2014

I’m afraid not. The lower one is E100G :-)
Portra seems to have quite a different colour signature if you look at the detail. The top right, for example, has some plasterwork which renders as ochre on Porta and a more mustardy colour on E100G. I’ve no idea which is “correct”...

By David Mantripp, on October 20, 2014

Thanks for that David. Very interesting.
Here is an interesting link comparing different transparency and negative films.

By Sinisa, on October 22, 2014

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