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Tiina Itkonen

Arctic dreams

in Photography , Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anybody into arctic landscape, travel and humanist photography should take a look at Tiina Itkonen’s fabulous work.


Her gallery of Greenland icebergs is pure visual poetry, and avoids the “all the gear and no idea” look that plagues so much of this kind of photography. The way she captures the light and ambience of polar regions can only come from really wanting to convey an emotional connection to her subject (rather than a desire to get likes on Facebook).

And, quite remarkably, the one other subject she exhibits on her website, other than polar regions, is Venice. 

Clearly she’s actually quite well known, but it took a tip off from “Project Hyakumeizan” to make me notice. I’m glad I did. I’m an instant fan.

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Project Hyakumeizan April 19, 2014 - 2:01
Pleased to be of service - actually, we are both indebted to the Gallery Kashya Hildebrand in Zurich, which exhibited Itkonen's photos a few years ago. A good call....

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