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Well worth a visit!

in Recommended web sites , Friday, October 30, 2009

Several lifetimes ago, I used to go to York, and Yorkshire, quite regularly, and pretty quickly got used to the local’s penchant for, shall we say, blunt speaking. Oh, and Betty’s Tea Rooms. So I’m not particularly surprised to discover that Tim Parkin, an outstanding landscape photographer, and writer of an erudite, informative, and entertainingly blunt blog, is from Yorkshire.

Quite honestly it’s refreshing to find somebody who quite clearly is photographing and writing for his own enjoyment, doesn’t particular mind upsetting any egos, and doesn’t beat about the bush.

I like his photography too. He knows when to apply restraint, goes for natural colour, and doesn’t go overboard with the Velvia stuff. His work reminds of that of David Ward, both in style and approach, but he’s carving out his own visual language.

So, a strong recommendation from me - great photography and a lively blog. Can’t be bad.

ps - oh, and he helped me fix my RSS feeds. Thanks, Tim!

pps - and If they’re not fixed, it’s my fault, not his



Many thanks for this introduction - a website worth visiting for its unfashionably - but commendably - unforced compositions alone ....

By captain Interesting, on December 09, 2009

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