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Toscana Variations 2

the people phase

in Photography , Friday, May 22, 2015

Just a few stolen shots wandering around the streets of Siena and Asciano. I’m surely no Cartier-Bresson. Although maybe if I convert to black & white, add a black frame, and start banging on about the gorgeously poetic lusciousness of Fuji cameras then maybe I’d get closer. But that sounds like far too much hard work.


Olympus E-P5, 17mm and 75mm lenses.



Very nice set, David. You do have a way of seeing, something not "in your face", quiet observations of life as it goes, viewed into interesting compositions and lights.
PS: I like that you did not crop out the head of the pigeon…

By Bernard, on June 19, 2015

Thanks! I couldn't crop the pigeon with destroying the pattern... and it didn't even occur to me to clone it out :-)

By David Mantripp, on June 19, 2015

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