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in Photography in Ticino , Friday, November 06, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that I have just had an article published in the excellent online magazine, On Landscape, about one of my favourite places, both photographically and generally. I’ve been building up to this for quite a while, and finally got around to actually writing it.

Verzasca On Landscape

I’m not sure I’ve really done justice to the subject, either in words or pictures, but maybe it will attract some better photographers than me to work some magic.



I have seen your article in "On Landscape" and by that discovered your website. I like all - the article, your website, and your writing in general - very much.
Have a nice weekend,

By Florian Freimoser, on November 06, 2015

Hi Florian, thanks very much for your visit, and kind words. You've certainly added some niceness to my weekend :-)

By David Mantripp, on November 07, 2015

Congratulation!!! Well done David :)

By Andrea Dalle Vacche, on November 08, 2015

Grazie Andrea :-)

By David Mantripp, on November 11, 2015

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