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Greenland Return

if at first you don’t succeed..

in Photography , Monday, September 23, 2019

In August 1999 I joined a small group trekking in the general area of Tasilaaq, East Greenland. I travelled there via Iceland, a place that didn’t make a huge impression on me at the time. That changed…  Just over 20 years later, much older and no more wiser, I repeated the experience, more or less, although this time I headed further north, and a small boat provided most of the transport rather than my feet.

Photographically, my first trip was a near write-off. This time I grabbed over 2000 photos, which is at least twice what I’d planned to ration myself to. Whether or not they’re any good, time will tell, but it was fun.  More so than I expected.

Drm 2019912 P9120400

A bit of Greenland through an Olympus E-M1

Most of these 2000 photos were taken with my pair of Olympus E-M1s. Although these were definitely the least impressive cameras on the trip, at least on paper, they, and the three Pro zoom lenses worked perfectly. Most of time they lived outside, hanging from a peg on the forward mast.  Unfortunately I missed one fantastic shot, when I suddenly saw a composition, spun around to grab a camera, and discovered that they weren’t there.  Some kind soul, seeing them drenched in rain and spray, had taken them inside for me… unaware, obviously, that the conditions were not even vaguely a challenge for Olympus weather sealing 😊. Oh well, they meant well.

At the last moment before leaving for Greenland I tossed my Sigma dp0 “digital XPan” into my bag. I turned out to be a very good decision. Not only were several companions fascinated by it, therefore giving us something to talk about in the long dark Arctic nights, but it was absolutely in its element.

Drm 20190912 P0Q0863

Another bit of Greenland through the Sigma dp0

Of course there is a strong undercurrent to all of this, which I expressed in my last post. But I guess there is still some worth in remembering what we stand to lose.

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Heat Treatment

ice is nice

in Antarctica , Thursday, August 01, 2013

It’s getting to the point of being very, very hot right now down in Canton Ticino, so a little bit of ice is just what we need.

Some more Antarctic rough cuts, this time various bits of ice floating around and getting in the way.

Drm 20130123 6619
Drm 20130123 6554
Drm 20130123 6559
Drm 20130119 4134
Drm 20130123 6413
Drm 20130118 3793
Drm 20130118 3786
Drm 20130118 3779
Drm 2013 01 21 drm 20130121 5193
Drm 2013 01 21 drm 20130121 5161

And the technical details are, all Olympus E-5, with either the 50-200mm or 12-60mm lens.

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