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Venice, sigmatized

somewhat sidetracked

in Photography , Tuesday, March 12, 2013

After 5 weeks in Patagonia and Antarctica, and a huge editing and processing backlog to get through and even maybe publish, what was the obvious thing to do? Of course!! Go to Venice and take some more photos! Well, I’m not making any excuses. Venice is a magical place, especially in February, and it’s just down the road. So. Here is a small selection of, maybe, a slightly different take on La Serenissima. No gondolas, no bridges, no canals (well, almost). And all captured with the quite unbelievable Sigma DP2 Merrill. Oh, and I’ve also got about 300 Olympus Pen Venice shots to get through before I can get back to the backlog!

Drm dp2 20130301 0778

Drm dp2 20130301 0769

Drm dp2 20130303 0828

Drm dp2 20130301 0769

Drm dp2 20130303 0826

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