Photo Galleries - Introduction

"His images are the best I've seen for a long time for a self-confessed amateur"
- Alice Burton of Outdoor Photography

Thanks for finding your way here, intentionally or otherwise. Like most photographers, I expect, I have accumulated tens of thousands of photos, squirrelled away on disk drives, and even, in my case, in negative and slide binders. Very few of these come to light, and the process through which they have been selected to appear here is far from coherent.

The idea is to present a set of short portfolios of some of my favourite topics and locations, which I update from time to time, as well as a more random short collection of recent favourites.

Since I tend to split my photography into "panoramic" and "non-panoramic" formats, I've decided to apply the same split here, into "widescreen" and "narrowscreen". Possibly it isn't a good idea from a thematic point of view, but in terms of presentation flow I think it has some aesthetic advantages.



I also have some more ad-hoc sets, presented as a kind of diary. See Photo Diaries.

None of the work presented here is for sale or for rent. I do photography because I like it, as an end it itself, and I don't put a price on it. I don't do competitions, either. The only form in which I could conceive of selling photographs these days is within a book, and there is little chance of that happening (although if you click on Publications, you'll see I've tried, albeit not very hard). Basically I photograph for myself. If other people like what I do, great, but if they don't it won't bother me.

Of course I'm always glad to receive feedback, positive or otherwise, but I'm probably far too old and stubborn of a dog to learn any new tricks.